ADET Sp. z o.o. (Printing and Publishing Services) is a printing company, which manufactures self-adhesive labels, as well as standard printing products based
on verified, high quality materials.

 We have been present in the Polish market since 1993, and our Customers, who are renowned pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of food, household chemicals, cosmetics and supermarket chains, are satisfied with our services.

Depending on the labelling system and wishes of our Customers we use appropriate materials and technologies, and our self-adhesive labels meet the highest requirements for automated labelling lines.

We have a staff with years of experience, which we successfully use in pursuit of production goals, always willing to offer advice and assistance when problems occur
with the implementation of graphic design or the choice of appropriate material.

By choosing our services you will get high and stable quality of the product (we hold the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate), punctuality and good prices.

Believing that you will find the above information appealing and interesting, we kindly invite you to cooperate with us.


mbitni = ambitious
okładni = precise
lastyczni = flexible
erminowi = punctual

Usługi Poligraficzno-Wydawnicze ADET Sp. z o.o.
ul. Klukowska 44, 03-892 Warszawa
tel./fax +48 (22) 678-60-55, tel. +48 (22) 678-60-44